Once upon a time in a small but jolly village tucked away somewhere in rural Switzerland, twelve-year old Tom walked out of a midnight showing of Jurassic Park, overflowing with inspiration to make his first movie! We are Chips, a five-minute short starring his brother, went on to be shown on national television several times and won Tom his first award at a film festival in Zurich. After winning several more awards in Europe he decided to listen to his heart and dive headfirst into a professional filmmaking-career.

In 2000, the Swiss native waved farewell to family and friends and replaced the Alps with the Hollywood Hills. At USC, the ambitious young artist continued directing short films, commercials, and music videos, demonstrating both creative versatility and a capability to master technically challenging productions on tight budgets. Several of Tom's films won various awards, including the short Sailing for Madagascar, which caught the attention of several musicians and bands. Before long Tom found himself helming music videos and eventually TV ads.

Visually explosive, Tom's works reflect his international character: feel-good Hollywood escapism blended with a good amount of European flavor. He believes in old-fashioned storytelling immersed in a faintly dreamlike sense of surrealism, and his filmmaking ranges from deliberately campy to quiet, introspective dramas. He also works exceptionally well with special effects.
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